Paul has been offering Non-Invasive Body Contouring Since Dec 2008 in Vancouver, Canada and recently relocated to Austin to start a new “Keeping it weird” chapter of his life. Paul has been trained and certified by all the manufacturers of the equipment he uses.   He is also a certified laser tech in the State of Texas receiving his certification through Texas Laser & Aesthetics in Austin.

Paul shared his office in Vancouver with Naturopathic Doctors and considered becoming one himself, but just wasn’t ready to go back to school for 8 + years in his 40’s.  Paul takes a natural approach to life and recommends the same for his clientele.   

He strongly recommends a natural whole food and supplementation approach for easy and simple detoxification through food and nutrition and uses a Non Invasive Super Illumines LED Light Therapy to help his clients get the results they are looking to achieve.  This technique helps heat up Adipose tissue ( Fat cells) before their EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training/workout, reducing the size of their fat cells as well as tightening,  toning, and/or building 90% of the Body’s major muscle groups.

Since Vancouver is also known as Hollywood North, Paul has helped A-Listers and other celebrities get ready for their roles and stay in Top form while shooting in Vancouver.

Paul enjoys riding his bike around Town Lake, hiking the Greenbelt, paddle boarding, relaxing on the lake, yoga, and time with friends over a good meal with some organic wine or cervezas.

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