R A V I  A V I A N A  K A U R


Ravi Aviana is 11+ years into her personal journey and career in Holistic Wellness.

She grew up in Utah, and attended one of the most renowned Massage Therapy schools in the Nation at just 18 years old. Upon completion of the Professional Therapy Program, she went on to graduate with the Advanced Degree of Master Bodyworker. Having completed over 1,100 accredited school hours, training in over 30 styles/modalities of Massage and Bodywork (including Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage), and over a decade of various Continuing Education Courses, Ravi is among the ranks of the highest trained Massage Therapists in the United States.

She went on to spend time in various high-end Resort Spas (including the [Five Diamond] Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming), and various Chiropractic/Therapeutic Massage offices- gaining deep understandings and skills of what makes up (both) the luxurious, and therapeutic sides of Massage & Bodywork; and integrating both into her services and practice for the ultimate combined experience. 

A few of her specialties include corrective/rehabilitative bodywork for car accident patients/injuries/athletes, re-patterning chronic holding patterns, pre/post-surgery Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Body Sculpting/Detoxification, and integrating the mental/emotional/energetic/spiritual aspects to physical healing through Bodywork. Ravi has a thirst for knowledge that is never quite satisfied, and staying current on cutting-edge therapies and techniques is simply part of who she is.

In 2014, Ravi began pursuing an Associates’ Degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology with the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Thorough exposure to a wide variety of Mind-Body Holistic Wellness courses/concepts/tools/practices, titled her as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner; and a Certified Life Coach with specialties in Conscious Living, Holistic Nutrition, and Hypnotherapy.

Ravi has always been extremely intuitive, holding a deep compassion and understanding for others; and having lived a Life full of Duality she has seen and experienced many difficult aspects of Life first hand, solidifying her passion in using the combination of her personal experiences/knowledge/abilities/skills to help others identify, address, and shift

non-beneficial physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual patterns resulting from past/present injury, trauma, or unconsciousness.

Also in 2014, Ravi began an in-depth Personal Journey of Transformation with

Alyssa Malehorn; through a year-long intensive combination of personal consultations and Reiki courses. Alyssa resides in Austin, Texas; and is reputed as one of the most gifted Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Teachers, & Energy Workers in America. 

In 2016, Ravi completed her Reiki Master/Channeled Light Healing Training & Attunements with Alyssa; and now incorporates Reikiand other forms of High-Level Energy Work into each and every session.

As per 2017, Ravi is enrolled with the Health Coach Institute, "becoming part of the new generation of Health and Nutrition Coaches who are changing the Consciousness of the Planet; with a cirriculum based on cutting-edge Psychology, Brain Science, Nutrition, Intuitive Listening, Habit Change, and Healthy Lifestyle Design."

Ravi believes that "Energy is the root of Physical Manifestation", and when you can identify and address the energetic roots of a non-desired physical experience, you change the experience. Her mission is to seamlessly combine powerful Holistic Healing techniques and modalities to help Clients achieve physical/mental/emotional/energetic/spiritual conscious awareness, integration, growth, balance, harmony, wholeness, vitality, and optimal performance in any/every area of their Lives.